Candidate questionnaires

Portrait of William "Dock" Walls, III

William "Dock" Walls, III

Candidate for Mayor

William "Dock" Walls, III

Candidate for Mayor

Portrait of William "Dock" Walls, III

Education: Jurist Doctor Degree awarded from IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law, 1986; BS in Political Science awarded by Tuskegee University, 1980; Diplome awarded by Chicago Vocational High School, 1975; Diploma Awarded by Horace Mann Elementary, 1971.

Occupation: Owner American Shirt Company

Home: Galewood neighborhood

Age: 57

Past Political/Civic Experience: Former mayoral aide to Harold Washington


Responses to RedEye's questionnaire

Q: What are the top two issues that should be on the minds of young Chicagoans?

Safety most concerns young Chicagoans. Proactive community friendly policing, by diverse officers, shall make all safe, anytime, anyplace. We'll appoint a truly Independent Police Review Board. The next concern is education. Our elected School Board will restore arts and vocational education and focus on graduating students instead of enriching contractors.

Q: Chicago counted more than 400 homicides in 2014. What is your strategy to lower homicides, shootings and crime in general?

I'll re-assign police officers currently on desk duty to beat patrols near schools, parks, libraries, stores and banks. Launch an evenhanded campaign to end the "no snitch" and "blue code of silence" policies. We'll improve cooperation between police and community to increase arrests and convictions in cases of violent crimes.

Q: As mayor, how will you create new jobs in the city?

I'll create 100,000 sustainable jobs. Firstly, from the $7.9 billion Capital Improvement Program, I'll award neighborhood businesses $1 million grants. We'll enable them to put products, goods and services into the global economy. Secondly, using TIF funds we'll build 80 community owned grocery stores to eliminate Food Deserts.

Q: Where does improving the CTA rank on your list of priorities? What specifically would you like to improve for riders?

Improving CTA is high on my list of priorities. My goal is to increase ridership and thereby reduce fares. I will improve the equipment and routes servicing the South and West sides of Chicago. We will develop aps to keep riders informed of likely times of arrival.

Q: Does the recently-passed minimum wage hike in Chicago go far enough?

The minimum wage increase from the current $8.25 an hour to $13 per hour by 2019 might not be sufficient. If our impact study finds the city's economy can sustain an even greater increase, I'd go for the maximum. We want to encourage businesses to build in Chicago.

Q: Should the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art be built on the lakefront's Museum Campus? Why or why not?

The Lucas Museum corporation must meet the standard for entities granted Chicago museum space. The Board of Directors must include people who'll put Chicago first. The owners should provide an Impact study and Community Benefits agreement which insures inclusion and long term opportunity for Chicagoans from all walks of life.

Q: What would you do to help bikes and cars peacefully coexist on city streets?

Encourage cyclist to wear the new smart helmet which sends cars a warning when that cyclist strays into the path of a car. Pass laws requiring motorists to give bicycles on the roadway at least 3 feet of space. Public Service Announcements to encourage drivers to look out for cyclists.

Q: Do you support or oppose the decriminalization of marijuana?

I support the decriminalization of marijuana. Cities and states which have led the way, now report reduced crime figures. Marijuana possession cases needlessly clog up our courts.

Q: What's your favorite movie filmed in Chicago?

The Blues Brothers starring John Belushi and Dan Akroyd, as Jake and Elwood Blues.

Q: Pick one: Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Sox, Fire?

Da Bulls!

Q: Which fictional political TV show do you watch: House of Cards, Veep, Scandal, The Good Wife, Parks and Recreation, Alpha House, Madame Secretary?

Madame Secretary

Q: What is your favorite spot to grab a beer in Chicago?

M Vie Chicago is my favorite spot to grab a "root beer." This classy restaurant, behind the brown door has the most colorful and creative cocktails. M Vie is tourist destination which is unequaled in terms of quality of food, price, entertainment and a vibrant young Chicago crowd.

Q: Which is worse: ketchup on a Chicago-style hotdog or thin crust pizza?

Thin crust pizza. Yuck!

Q: If you played hooky a la "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," how would you spend your day?

My wife, Pamela, and I running and hiding from my Mayoral Security detail. Dashing through museums and the United Center. Sneaking into a Bulls practice and going one-on-one with Derrick Rose. Finally surprising a needy family with keys to a new house.

Q: If elected, do you commit to an interview with the RedEye within one month of taking office?

Yes, gladly.